Aliexpress New Account 2$ Coupons

Hi, today we are proud to give to all of our subscribers 2$ coupons for aliexpress, this kind of bonus its valiable just for new accounts. We describe You on which action is best to Use this kind of coupon to get something with small price.

First link – 60 color nail gel 7.5 ml,
Best item for all girls/womens with 24 months warianty and with certificates

nail gel aliexpress

Link 2 – Venalisa 45 g Extension Builder Gel Nail Tips
Poly nail gel; 6 colors
Price 0.01$ when You used 2$ coupons

Link 3 – Handmade Bamboo Baskets
Third proposal of using 2$ Coupons – Handmade Bamboo Storage, Baskets, Foldable Laundry Straw Patchwork Wicker Rattan Seagrass Belly Garden Flower Pot Planter Basket.
Three colors like – Natural Color/ Half Black/ Half White
Material: Tropical Sea Grass

Size 22cm:Diameter 22cm x Height 20cm
Size 27cm:Diameter 27cm x Height 24cm
Size 32cm:Diameter 32cm x Height 28cm
Price start from 4$