Magic Sponge

magic nano sponge

Product name: Nano magic sponge
Size: 10 * 6 * 2cm (most popular)
Material: foam sponge
color: White
Quantity: 5pcs/pack
About product:
Item is made of environmentally very friendly foam sponge material. Best suitable for your – office, home, car wash and bathroom. (I always use in my bathroom).
This magic sponge can remove stains or dirt with water (always use withour detergent!).

magic nano sponge

Magic sponge You can buy from auction:
Link 1 –
0.01$ / 5 pcs
Cheap Shipping – 1.33$ [even if you order more than one]

Link 2 –
2.99$ / 100 pcs – You can use -2$ coupons if You have;)
Free shiping

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